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Wednesday Feb 28, 2024

Sijal Nasralla is a diaspora Palestinian who makes music and maqluba in Durham, North Carolina. Dunums is a project that describes itself as "Arty, noisey, post-rock, bedroom fake-jazz for a free Palestine. Blending memory and homeland heartache into feelings, full sonic moments on family, love, rage, and how "God" will always be greater". SIjal also plays drums in The Muslims, a "crunchy, kickass punk band of Black + brown queer muzzies."
Sijal and I set out on a deeply personal and liberatory rabbit hole where we pass the aux cord back and forth at the Free Palestine party. This mixtape is quintessentially diasporic; reflecting the experience of having our feet in two cultures that are in constant and intense flux with one another. We abhor the empire but adore Dolly Parton. Free Palestine // End the Genocide // Zionist Punks, Fuck Off
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Listen to The Muslims on Bandcamp @
Support Medical Aid for Palestine and pick up a digital copy of Dunums & Manas @
United Musicians and Allied Workers (UMAW) Resources for Palestine @

Tuesday Dec 26, 2023

As a year, 2023 was an abomination. Thankfully, the music makers made some great music for us. New friend and fellow Flenser enthusiast, Wes, hopped on the show to discuss a bunch of 2023 albums we thought were overlooked in the usual music fandom spaces. We each chose four AOTY and then another five runner ups so strap in because this one went long…fuck else you got to do? 
Ceasefire Now // Save Gaza // End the Occupation // Free Palestine
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Wes’s Albums of the Year:Sluice - Radial GateFire! Orchestra - EchoesSpirit Possession - Of the Sign…John Bence - Archangels
Wes’s Runner Ups:Tujiko Noriko - Cr​é​puscule I & IIVictory Over the Sun - Dance You Monster To My Soft Song!Agriculture - AgricultureBIG|BRAVE - nature morteThe Hirsch Effekt - Urian
Jamil’s Runner Ups:Lankum - False LankumCool-Aid - Leather Blvd.Powers / Pulice / Rolin - PrismTrhä - §​º​an​Ω​ë aglivajsamë cá n​ë​lh​¶​iha i eddana pi​¶​eGreg Mendez - Greg Mendez
Jamil’s Albums of the Year:Sprain - The Lamb as EffigyDefcee & Messiah Musik - The Golem of BrooklynNightosphere / Abandoncy / Flooding - 3 Way SplitBríi - Último Ancestral Comum
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Thursday Oct 26, 2023

I am joined by early metal blogosphere music writer and black metal enthusiast, Jon Rosenthal (Invisible Oranges, Decibel Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan). Jon leads us down a rabbit hole of eight fantastically bizarro black metal tracks. We’re talking operatic vocals, proggy breakdowns, Matrix-style club beats, dreamy lo-fi dirges, bebop covers, and other crimes against black metal orthodoxy.   
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Read Invisible Oranges, one of the oldest and still the best metal blog in the whole damn world
Here is a list of excellent interviews and album spotlights to accompany Jon’s tracklist:
Ved Buens Ende: Written in Waters
Deep Into the Brousse: Lugubrum's "Albino de Congo" Ten Years Later
Records of the Week With Jon and Ted: Solefald’s The Linear Scaffold
Haunted By Horror: A Conversation With Diabolical Masquerade
The Inarguable: Interview with Mamaleek
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Friday Sep 08, 2023

I am joined by Mega and Jet, two-thirds of Secret House Against (@SecretHouseTokyo), a Tokyo based, Leftist heavy, Hip-hop, Art, and Culture discussion channel, to dive deep into a partial discography rundown of the idiosyncratic rapper and artist, Billy Woods.
This exemplary run of albums spans six years and includes both Billy Woods and Armand Hammer (Billy Woods & Elucid) releases. In this episode, we dive into each album and examine themes, moods, lyricism, bars, and good old fashioned dopeness. 
Releases Discussed:
Known Unknowns (2017)
Paraffin (2018)
Hiding Places (2019)
Terror Management (2019)
Shrines (2020)
Brass (2020)
Haram (2021)
Aethiopes (2022)
Church (2022)
We ran out of time so had to leave 2023's Maps release off the episode :(
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You can snatch up music and swag direct from Backwoodz Studioz.
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Read Political Art As Critical Theory In Armand Hammer’s “Haram”
Listen to The Rap Music Plug Podcast interview with woods
Correction: In this episode, we stated that Ashes57 was an alias for Geng PTP, however they are not the same person, despite having collaborated on the visual design. Apologies! 
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Tuesday Jul 25, 2023

Hardcore music is shit hot right now and more than ever, a lot of decidedly non-hardcore music has snuck past the pit and onto show flyers. Who let all this adjacent bullshit through the gates and is any of it even good?
To help answer these dire questions, I enlisted writer and supreme music nerd, Jay Papandreas (Listen Up, Nerds) to help with the task of picking out some of the most notable, bizarre, and interesting releases of hardcore-adjacent belligerence.
We explore thirteen albums from the Ray & Porcell 7’’ and Die Kreuzen to Rival Schools and Self Defense Family. See ya at Adjacent Fest 2024. 
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Read Jay’s Stereogum piece, “Sunbather Turns 10”
Read “Self Defense Family: A Discography Partially Ranked”
In the music world? Hire/Collab with Jay Papandreas
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Thursday May 25, 2023

We call back to episode TSC03: Ambient Americana but this time, we’re zooming out on this rich musical subgenre to examine the deeper roots of ambient country music, a subgenre that has evolved into a flourishing scene of diverse artists in recent years. I’m joined by music guru, Bob Holmes, of the superb ambient country group, SUSS, to examine the roots of the “high and lonesome sound”.
Bob conferred with the other SUSS members and takes us through a musical lineage that carves itself through soundtracks, classical music, 70’s rock, krautrock, jazz, country & bluegrass, and modern guitar music to arrive at the current wave of artists who lay down in the bed of cosmic ambient country music. 
Find SUSS on bandcamp
Pick up the Self-Titled album on Northern Spy Records
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Bob’s Modern Ambient Country Picks:
Andrew Tuttle
Chuck Johnson
William Tyler
Luke Scheider
Royal Arctic Institute
Seawind of Battery
Chip Kinman
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Tuesday Apr 18, 2023

anticon. were called a lot of things in their heyday. "Avant Garde Hip Hop". "Nerd Rap". "Emo Rap". "Not hip hop". "The hip hop equivalent of post-rock" (really). Regardless, the sprawling collective of eccentric wonderkids that called themselves anticon. remained uncompromising throughout the crew's legendary artistic run from 1998 - 2014.
Fellow anticon. comrade, Alex Volz, of the excellent Every Album Ever Podcast joins me as we make our case for the criminally slept-on anticon. discography. We swap early exposure stories, get to know the label’s founding fathers, and marvel at the sheer weirdness and creativity they brought to hip hop, experimental pop, beat tapes, and electronic music. You better believe that anticon. walked so that today’s crop of weirdo rappers could run. 
Rest in Power to Alias. anticon. forever.
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Thursday Mar 09, 2023

Musician, Podcaster and Resident Mike Patton aficionado, Jason Walton (Agalloch, Sculptured, Snare of Sixes, Earth in Sound, I Hate Music Podcast), and I sat down to talk about the man, the myth, the legend: Michael Allan Patton. Jason put together a varied track list of some of General Patton’s deep cuts from across his flagship bands, collaborative efforts, and one-offs. We talk about Patton’s ability to subvert the frontman role, Mr. Bungle and Faith No More fandom in the 90s, the ever expanding musical universe that he inhabits, and how Patton’s fearless approach to music inspires Jason’s art to this day.  
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Thursday Jan 19, 2023

Restless. Prescient. Overlooked. Cerberus Shoal were an enigma of the 90s post-hardcore scene, progenitors of what would come to be known as post-rock, gurus of lush ambient rock, and ensemble avant-folk heroes. The Portland, Maine band evolved more between individual releases than most artists do throughout their careers. I was fortunate enough to have Jeremy DeVine, founder of the outstanding Temporary Residence Ltd. label, on this episode to dive deep on the first five Cerberus Shoal albums. We discuss the early incarnations of the band, their working relationship, reissuing the first three CS albums 20+ years later, and preserving the legacy of one of the most singular bands of the past three decades. 
Pick up vinyl reissues of the Self-Titled, …And Farewell to Hightide, and Homb at the Temporary Residence Ltd. store.
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Watch Cerberus Shoal performing live on Vimeo 
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Monday Dec 19, 2022

Part II of a survey of vintage and modern funky African music via today’s crop of excellent global reissue labels. We take things to East Africa spanning beloved regional styles like Ethio-jazz, the pan-Somali sound, Sudanese groove, Kenyan Benga, Zambian Psych Rock, and Neo-Taarab from Zanzibar, among others.  
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